Transferring your Wordpress Account to Obble


Many of our clients prefer to use WordPress for their websites, and you may be transferring your existing site from another hosting provider. This guide will show you how to migrate the entire WordPress website, but keep in mind will not migrate across other cPanel data such as emails.

To do the migration you will need to login to your original website and use a migration plugin. Follow the steps below:


Step 1 - Login to your website via wordpress admin (


Step 2 - Click Plugins > Add New, and search for 'all in one' - You should see 'All-in-One WP Migration'


Step 3 - Download & Activate the plugin, then navigate to the Migration tool and click 'Export'


Step 4 - Export to file, downloading the entire website & database. This can take some time if your site is large or has many files


Step 5 - On Obble Hosting, with your new cPanel installation - Create a new default installation of WordPress via Softaculous


Step 6 - Your domain name will likely still be pointing to your old host. You can choose to update your name servers which may take up to 48 hours to take effect, and will show your 'default' installation until the backup is uploaded. Another & preferred option is to update your hosts file.

Step 6.1 - Updating your host files involves a few steps. These steps are for Windows, we will have an updated guide for all operating systems in the future.

Step 6.2 - Press the Windows Key and type 'Notepad'

Step 6.3 - Right click Notepad and select 'Run as Administrator'

Step 6.4 - From notepad, open the following file: 'c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts'

Step 6.5 - At the bottom of the file, insert your Website IP (Found via your cPanel information, or contact support) and then your website domain name like so:


Step 6.6 - Save the file, and now when navigating to your site, you should see the Obble Servers rather than your existing server. This takes effect ONLY for your computer, not anyone else, and should be used for testing sites before you migrate or launch. Once you have finished testing and confirmed the site is OK, you should then update your name servers.


Step 7 - Now with your new default installation showing at your website, login to the wp-admin again (


Step - Install the backup plugin as mentioned in Step 2


Step 9 - Then activate the plugin and navigate to the Migration tool and click 'Import'


Step 10 - Upload the backup file that you downloaded earlier. This may take some time again, proceed with all the prompts and it should have migrated your site & database entirely. Confirm it's working by navigating to your normal site URL and check all links work


Step 11 - Once everything is confirmed, you can then update your domain name servers.



If you have any questions regarding this, or need some further advice - Please contact support.



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