Transferring your Wordpress Account to Obble

Many of our clients prefer to use WordPress for their websites, and you may be transferring your existing site from another hosting provider. This guide will show you how to migrate the entire WordPress website, but keep in mind will not migrate across other cPanel data such as emails.

To do the migration you will need to login to your original website and use a migration plugin. Follow the steps below:


Step 1 - Login

Login to your website via WordPress Admin (


Step 2 - Download & Activate the migration plugin

a) Click Plugins > Add New

b) Search for All in One - You should see the 'All-in-One WP Migration' plugin

c) Download & Activate the plugin


Step 3 - Begin the export

a) Navigate to the migration tool (Left toolbar)

b) Click Export

c) Click Export To > File

d) Wait for the export to complete, then download the exported file


Step 4 - Setup the new WordPress Site

a) Login to your new Obble Hosting account via cPanel

b) Using cPanel, search WordPress

c) Click WordPress Manager by Softaculous

d) Install a new instance of WordPress via Obble Hosting


Step 5 - Update your name servers

Your domain name will likely still be pointing to your old host. However, as you have created a back-up, you can choose to update your name servers. This can take up to 48 hours to take effect, and will show your 'default/new' installation until the backup has been uploaded.

Alternatively, to avoid any downtime during transfer, you can Update your Windows Hosts File. If you decide to update your Windows Hosts File, update your name servers after importing the back up as per instructions here.


Step 6 - Import the backup

a) Login to your new 'default' WordPress website via the wp-admin page (

b) Install the backup plugin as mentioned in Step #2

c) Navigate to the Migration tool and click Import

d) Upload the backup file that you have previously downloaded. This may take some time, follow the prompts & confirm successful upload by navigating to your main website URL.


If you are experiencing difficulty uploading the backup file due to its upload size, please increase your max upload file size via the cPanel PHP Selector > Options



If you haven't already, please update your name servers. If you have any further questions regarding this or need any advice, please contact support.

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