Using your domain with our servers



Obble Hosting provides domain names here for simplicity, but perhaps you already have one? In this case, you'll have to point this towards our servers. Follow these simple steps to setup your domain successfully:


Steps to update your domain name servers

1) Login to the location where you purchased your domain - The domain registrar. If you are a customer of Obble, you can manage your domains here

2) Select the domain that you wish to update

3) Click 'Nameservers' (For Obble Hosting Customers), or alternatively an option such as 'DNS Settings'

4) Change your name servers to:


Each domain registrar will vary, and as such you'll need to visit their site for more thorough instructions on how to change the domain name servers. For ease of use, we suggest ordering domains via our own website here - This way the name servers are all setup and ready to go.

Changes to DNS settings & name servers can take up to 72 hours to take effect worldwide, keep this in mind when updating your settings. Please don't hesitate to contact support for assistance.

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