How to Update your Windows Hosts File



The Windows Hosts File is a system file that tells your computer where to go when it visits a domain name. By default, your PC will route through the domain name to a specified server. You can edit the Windows Hosts File to override this pathway, and select a new destination when using a domain name.

This means that you can edit a site (Or import backups) without updating your name servers. This is a great way to avoid downtime, and to work on your site URL without affecting anyone else. The Windows Hosts File only affects your local PC, all other visitors will browse your original website until you update your name servers.



a) Press the Windows Key and type Notepad

b) Right click Notepad and select Run as Administrator

c) From notepad, open the following file:


d)  At the bottom of the file, insert your Website IP (Found via your cPanel information, or contact support) and then your website domain name like so:


e) Save the file, and now when navigating to your site, you should see the Obble Servers rather than your existing server. This takes effect ONLY for your computer, not anyone else, and should be used for testing sites before you migrate or launch. Once you have finished testing and confirmed the site is OK, you should then update your name servers.

Finished! Your URL should now navigate to our server
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