Uploading your website via FTP

To upload & download files from your web server, you’ll need to use FTP which stands for ‘file transfer protocol’. For the purposes of this post, we suggest using FileZilla to access your server; This program works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once you’ve downloaded FileZilla, it’s time to connect to your server.

Step 1 – Open FileZilla, and open the site manager by clicking File –> Site Manager in the top left corner. It should look something like this

FTP Sitemanager

Step 2 – Click ‘New Site’ and enter the appropriate details. We will send these details via e-mail automatically

The ‘Host’ will be your server IP address (alternatively your website domain).

The ‘Port’ will be 21, unless stated otherwise.

The ‘User’ and ‘Password’ will likely be the same username & password as the one provided for your hosting account via e-mail.

Step 3 – Now you can navigate your website directory using FTP; to upload files, navigate to the folder that is called ‘public_html’; this is your default website directory. From here, you can simply drag the website files into this folder.


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